About Silken Whispers.

Our team.

Sylvia Havenwood


Ms. Havenwood boasts an extensive repertoire in the fields of arts, humanities, and anthropology.

She has studied at both Oxford University and the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

Ms. Havenwood leads the Agency in artefact studies and research.

Welsh Nixon


Ms. Nixon is the Agency's retrieval specialist.

She is an avid practitioner of several martial art styles, including Savate,

Ms. Nixon is also quite proficient in various forms of acrobatics and gymnastics.

Karl Kucharski


Mr. Kucharski has been with the Agency since 2012, and has served with particular distinction.

Not only does Mr. Kucharski assist with artefact research, he also manages the home office when an acquisition is underway.

Our Philosophy


"Shadows are merely the absence of knowledge."


We at Silken Whispers not only recover artefacts lost to shifting veils of history, but we feel with each new find, we bring to light humankind's destiny prophesied by the primordial ancients of eons past.

As scholars of the occult it is not only our privileged, but our duty, to bring this shadowed knowledge into the light - so that humanity can step forward into the future with both eyes open and steadied heart.

As the proponent of change and nationalism, Marcus Garvey, said,

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin,
and culture is like a tree without roots."


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